Can you “STACK” Medpay ?

In a word, “yes.”  In Virginia, it is permissable to “stack” medpay insurance benefits.  In other words, if there are seveal cars in your  household, and you are involved in a terrible crash and injure your head or break your leg, you may be able to collect not only the medpay insurance benefits on your car, but your spouse and son or daughter’s as well.  In one case Doug Landau handled for a young girl from Kinsale Virginiaa, he “stacked” 4 different medpay policies together to collect $16,000.00 before he ever filed the liability (negligence) claim !Herndon Reston area injury lawyer Landau collected the $1,000 medpay policy on the car in which his innocent teenage client was a passenger.  She was riding with a friend when the Defendant Driver crashed into another car in Warsaw, Virginia.  Injury and disability lawyer Landau also collected under 3 separate policies from his young client’s family’s household.  Her mother, father and grandfather all lived with her, had their own automobiles, and had $5,000 each in medpay coverage.  Landau later settled her negligence claim with a lump sum and  structured settlement that paid the young woman a tax-free, guaranteed income over a number of years.  

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