What is “MedPay”and can I collect it if I am hurt at a store, office building or private home ?

The short answer is “yes,”  you can collect medpay if you are injured at a store, office building or home.  Medpay is short for “Medical Payments” insurance, which generally covers medical bills incurred, by someone legally on the property, who is hurt, up to the limit of the insurance.  So, if a client slips, falls, and cracks his skull because the Defendant Store had a leaky roof that dripped water for years and froze in the winter, the client could collect on the medpay insurance.  If the store had a $5,000 medpay policy, he could collect those funds, generally for bills that were reasonable, related to this accident and not the product of over treatment.  Usually such medpay (or “no fault” policies) require that payments be made only for medical bills incurred within a year of the accident.  This type of policy comes in very handy for clients who have no health insurance.  It is also great “Public Relations” for the store and saves them from many lawsuits.  The managers on duty typically run up and say, “It’s OK, we’ll pay for your medical care.”  They do not say, however, that there are monetary and time limits.  Private homes and officve buildings can also have “medpay coverage.”  So if you, or someone you know is injured due to a dangerous or defective building, store or home, please call us at ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd.  We can investigate not only the liability claim to determine fault but there may also be medpay or other “no fault” type coverages available to help get you back on the road to recovery.

2 responses on “What is “MedPay”and can I collect it if I am hurt at a store, office building or private home ?

  1. Jason Caudill

    hello I was invalved in a slip and fall and my lawyer has recieved a medpay check for $10.000 and is saying he is taking out $5.000 for some of his fees. when his contract says he doesnt collect unless im awarded money in my case.
    my question in my attorney allowed to collect any of my medpay for himself.

    1. Doug Post author

      While I do not know the details of your contract or “retainer”, if there is litigation to collect “medpay,” attorney fees are allowed under certain statutes in Virginia. As for costs, if the attorney has advanced costs in your case, this is the equivalent of an “interest free loan.” There are many instances where costs are reimbursed out of medpay, and similar “first party benefits” as the clients are injured, out of work and have no funds with which to advance or pay costs. Bottom line, I suggest that you meet with your lawyer and try to work this matter out.

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