Andrew Greenwald, Maryland preeminent Medical Device and Negligence attorney

I have been very fortunate throughout my legal career.  I have been able to work with, and learn from, some of the greatest lawyers in the country.  My first job in the legal profession was before I had even applied to law school.  After graduate school in Applied Anatomy and Physiology, I worked as a “gofer” for Aaron Levine, who had been voted “D. C. Trial Lawyer of the Year” and was a preeminant medical and drug product liability lawyer.  I learned enormously from this brilliant and creative genius.  And I have been fortunate to have co-counseled and tried catastrophic injury cases for him in the decades since, including an arm amputation (and re-attachment “medical miracle”) in Fredericksburg; a second generation D.E.S. drug product case in the District of Columbia; and, the first Phen-Fen Diet Drug case in the Circuit Court of Alexandria.

Doug_Landau___Andrew_Greenwald___bennet___tina__s.jpegOther highly regarded trial lawyers also worked with Aaron Levine, including top Maryland medical negligence lawyer Andrew Greenwald, shown here with me at the wedding of Bernie Cohen’s son in Spotsylvania, Virginia.  Greenwald (, of the Greenbelt law firm Joseph, Greenwald & Laake, also was a law clerk of the Levine Law Office in the District of Columbia.  We have shared “war stories” about our brilliant former boss, and we both agree that Aaron is one of the most unique and successful trial lawyers in the country.  I and others at ABRAMS LANDAU have referred clients to both the Law Offices of Aaron Levine and Joseph, Greenwald & Laake, because they are outstanding, ethical, and I have seen both Aaron and Andrew “in action.”  Come see us “in action.”  Call ABRAMS LANDAU today so that you can watch Doug Landau try a case in a court room near you.

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