Memorial Day C&O Canal trip

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Melissa_on_C_O_Canal_Aquaduct.jpegWith so many memorials and historic sights in Washington, D.C. and the surrounding area, we sometimes forget some of the places that are outside of the Beltway that are accessible and beautiful in their own right.  I have always wanted to bike the length of the C&O Canal after hearing about it from Casamo Court Reporting. It would take a week, and there is even a connection that you can take with your bicycle, all the way to Pittsburgh !  While Memorial Day Weekend did not afford me enough time to do the C&O Canal to its terminus in Cumberland, Maryland, I did want to see some of its expanse outside the area immediately surrounding our Nation’s Capitol.  So, on Sunday and Monday, my bride and I did 3 hours of cycling on our mountain bikes on the C&O Canal.  The C&O was the route used to bring supplies into D.C., and many of the locks and other features are kept up by the Park Service.  You can walk it, bicycle or horseback ride it, and even canoe, kayak or action cat along side it.  There are even ferries to take you across the Potomac River !  The “Jubal Early” ferry in White’s Ferry charges $1.00 to take a cyclist AND their bike across the river !  You do not have to be a triathlete or bike racer – there are ALL shapes, sizes, speeds and styles on the Canal path.

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