ABRAMS LANDAU wins Social Security for client disabled from work due to arthritis, abdominal pain, diverticulitis and IBS, part 1 of 2

as the result of her joint pain, pain in her left lower quadrant, low back and in the trochanteric (thigh) region. The claimant’s treating doctor diagnosed:

a. rheumatoid arthritis,
b. irritable bowel syndrome,
c. endometriosis,
d. diverticulosis, and
e. adhesions, as well as
f. depression and
g. fatigue.

This treating source opines that her prognosis was guarded. The treating specialist described Landau’s client’s abdominal pain as severe and her joint pain is severe associated with severe swelling. He identifies the following objective signs:

1. reduced range of motion in the
a. hands,
b. knees and
c. hips,
2. joint warmth,
3. joint deformity,
4. reduced grip strength,
5. sensory changes,
6. impaired sleep,
7. impaired appetite,
8. tenderness,
9. redness,
10. swelling, and
11. muscle weakness.

Read in tomorrow’s posting the findings of the treating doctors in this interesting case that enabled Mr. Landau’s client to win her Social Security Disability claim…

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