ABRAMS LANDAU Defends Granite & Marble Company in Virginia Workers Comp claim

They did not need workers compensation insurance because they did not have three or more regular, full time employees. Owners are usually not counted in calculating the number of employees for workers comp coverage. Thus, Mr. Landau’s clients did not have insurance that would pay the claim. The company initially paid the injured man’s medical bills and wage loss. But once it became apparent that he used the wrong blade on a circular saw, had his girlfriend on the job site and was working for other companies at the same time, they decided not to keep paying. The case was settled without a Hearing for $2,000.00. As the result of the settlement, Mr. Landau’s client, the employer, would not be responsible for any further medical care, wage loss, permanency, medications, reimbursement for out of pocket expenses, attorney fees, appeals costs, and fines for not having comp insurance. Herndon, Virginia trial lawyer Doug Landau welcomes the opportunity to represent, defend and offer legal advice to companies, medical practices and individuals with injury, workers compensation and disability issues.

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