ABRAMS LANDAU achieves justice for Dulles Airport worker injured on the job and referred by the Kazem & Kazem Law firm in Leesburg, Virginia

DSCF3562.JPGAfter receiving a call to help a construction worker injured at Dulles Airport (“IAD”), we brought his claim immediately and worked on getting his Child Support Arrearage straightened out. The reason Child Support is important in the context of workers compensation cases is that Child Support Orders are the only types of “IOUs” that can take comp monies. Usually, liens, garnishment Orders, assignments, promises to pay and notes cannot get at monies due and paid under a Workers Comp Award. In this case, the injured worker wanted the Support Order paid, but the delays in payment by the insurance put him behind with two different courts, even after he returned to work at his full, pre-injury wages.

We got this worker under the protection of a wage loss Award, and then a permanent injury Award. Finally, we were able to get his claim settled and his overdue Child Support Orders paid in full. Shown here are Doug Landau and referring counsel Jonathon Kazem at the Leesburg law firm of Kazem & Kazem and their unique statue of “Lady Liberty.”

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