Winning for an Injured Flight Attendant

Airplane door
Before passengers and crew can disembark an aircraft, the door must be opened by trained members of the flight crew. A jet’s doors are extremely heavy, requiring a lot of energy to maneuver

A young flight attendant was injured when lifting an aircraft door. She suffered a severed longhead biceps tendon and had surgery using orthopedic hardware for this SLAP tear.  However, some of the orthopedic hardware became loose, necessitating another operation on her right shoulder.

The airline’s workers’ comp insurance company denied the treatment, and her weekly wage loss indemnity benefits were cut off.

She came to Abrams Landau, Ltd. upon the kind referral of a fellow Florida injury lawyer. While the case was late in coming to this Herndon Virginia Law firm, we were nevertheless able to prepare for Court and put together a strong case for our client.

ABRAMS LANDAU was able to win her first Hearing and get the loose anchor in her shoulder reattached. The Airlines then sent undercover investigators to follow her around the Florida town where she lived.  They filmed her playing with her infant son and taking a hot tub at her home.

The insurance company terminated benefits.  However this hard-working woman had found that she could perform as a bank teller after the insurance representative told her that they had “closed their file” on her case. She eventually exceeded her pre-injury wage rate at the Bank of America in Pensacola !

When this young mother reached “maximum medical improvement,” airline injury lawyer Doug Landau had her get a permanency rating so that she could get a Permanent Partial Disability Award.

As she had not had any injuries to her right shoulder — either before or after her 2012 work accident — the insurance company did not mount any significant challenge to the Application for additional benefits that Dianna Meredith filed with the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission on behalf of this ABRAMS LANDAU client.

Lawyer Landau was able to negotiate a lump sum settlement so that the insurance company will not harass her or her family and she will be free to choose what doctors she wants to see, and not have to report her whereabouts, employment, etc., to the state workers’ compensation board.

If you or someone you know has been injured while working at airport, on an aircraft, or on the air operations area, and there are questions as to what laws apply, email or call Abrams Landau, Ltd. at once (703-796-9555).