No DIRECT Flights Between the “Capital of the Free World” and the Lone Democracy in the Middle East ? Are you Kidding ?!!?

Having flown to the Middle East, as well as to other countries around the world, airport injury lawyer Doug Landau was shocked to learn recently that there are NO direct flights between Washington Dulles International Airport (“IAD”) outside our nation’s capital, and Tel Aviv, Israel.

Given the enormous number of high-tech computer companies, pharmaceutical, and other cutting-edge industries in the tiny country of Israel, it really makes no sense to oblige business travelers to make stops en route to the lone democracy in the Middle East.

Certainly these flights are not nearly as long as those to Australia and China, and the interaction between American industry, technology, medicine and science, as well as military cooperation, suggests that a direct flight is long overdue.

Furthermore, there is no question in Landau’s mind that El Al is the safest airlines in the world. The thorough security screening system was way ahead of its time. The flight crews are experienced, skilled, and professional.

While Israel and the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area share an astonishing number of business and government connections, we still do not share a direct flight. Landau intends to return with his family to “the holy land” in 2017, and would like to take a direct flight from Dulles Airport.

Join Landau, and sign the petition for a direct flight between Washington DC and Tel Aviv now!

It simply asks how many round-trip tickets you might purchase if there was non-stop service between Dulles International and Ben Gurion Airport.