No Benefits for Airline Employee’s Unexplained Fall

that he slipped on a foreign substance in the truck bed or that he tripped over the tailgate of the truck or another package. Likewise, he did not present evidence attributing his fall to the package he was carrying.

This claimant’s work environment did not present the same degree of danger as the work environments faced by employees in other cases cited by claimant. Working in the bed of a pickup truck exposes an employee to a lesser height, and carrying one package is less strenuous than pulling sheets of plywood from one story of a construction site to another.

Claimant did not present any evidence linking his fall to any particular activity he was performing as a condition of his employment. While claimant fell from a moderate height of three and a half to four feet, his position in the bed of the pickup truck did not present the same degree of risk encountered by the employees in other cases, and defendant did not present testimony describing the details of his fall. Claimant did not establish a “critical link” between the conditions of his workplace and his injuries.

The denial of benefits was affirmed.