Take Advantage of Amtrak’s Special Campus Visit Discount – Trains Run Even When Airports are Closed

Ever a fan of America’s railroad train system,  Doug Landau has been recommending Amtrak’s special program for students looking at University campuses for almost a decade ! What’s the deal ?

Buy One Full-Fare Ticket, Get 50% Off Companion Ticket!

Especially for schools on the East Coast, a train is a great way to get from city center to city center. Plus, you avoid the long security lines and need for a rental car if the colleges you are visiting are on the metro, subway, or other public transportation lines.

Landau also likes train travel because you can walk around, get food, see some famous sights from your window (especially in the Philadelphia area), and not have your ears popping, worry about the overhead luggage bins becoming full, or wait for your boarding group to be called.

In short, train travel on Amtrak is quite civilized and Landau finds it easier to nap on the train. There just seems to be much more room on an Amtrak train than most commercial jets. More importantly, Landau can get a lot more work or reading for pleasure done on the train, as there is no need to “stow tray tables” or put up seats during landings and take offs. When traveling to New York City, Philly, New Jersey, or Connecticut for injury and disability cases, Landau has taken Amtrak trains frequently, because he can count on the trains being on time and not being stressed out when he arrives.

During these cold months ahead, plan a train trip to visit college campuses, or for vacation, and business. Try it, you’ll like it !

Amtrak has partnered with Collegia to make visiting campuses more affordable. Their “Buy one; get one 50% off” Campus Visit® Discount is the smart way for high schoolers to personally check out their top choices and make sure the college that looks so good in the brochure is really a good fit.

Limited restrictions do apply. For example:

  • Tickets must be booked a minimum of 3 days in advance; no exceptions.
  • Students must travel with an adult, parent or guardian.
  • Reservations must be made online through this Web site.
  • https://www.campusvisit.com/amtrak/
  • This promotion is not valid for Acela Express, Auto Train, Canadian portions of joint AMTRAK/Via Rail service to Ontario and 7000-8999 Thruway bus series.
  • Some blackout dates apply for travel time and for when tickets can be purchased.

If you any questions or to speak with an Amtrak agent, call 1-800-872-7245. Amtrak is the National Railroad Passenger Corporation. It is a partially government-funded American passenger railroad service.