Even Complications from Simple Injuries can be Covered by Workers’ Comp

ended up with serious complications, including a lengthy hospital stay and subsequent time off from work to recuperate. The airline’s insurance company denied the claim.  The insurer would not pay any of the medical bills for the lengthy hospitalization, lost wages or anti-clotting medications, which the pilot will be on for life.

With the help of ABRAMS LANDAU, this grateful pilot was awarded full Workers’ Compensation benefits tied to the surgery and recuperation.  This case was won, not once, but twice:  once at the trial and then again on appeal!

“There are several takeaways from this case,” says Landau. “First, you do not have to get hurt in Virginia to win a Workers’ Comp (WC) case in Virginia.  Second, you can be covered under WC even for complications that arise from the original on-the-job injury.  And third, when you sustain any injury, no matter how minor it seems – take care of it!!”

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