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Alaska Airlines: Profitability and Safety Can Go Hand In Hand

Alaska Airlines is able to combine an excellent on-time airport landing record in dangerous runway conditions record with satellite navigation safety innovation and profitability.
Alaska Airlines is able to combine an excellent on-time airport landing record in dangerous runway conditions record with satellite navigation safety innovation and profitability.

Alaska Airlines lands in some of the most extreme weather conditions and and challenging commercial airport runways in the world.  Despite the unforgiving climate and topography of some cities it serves, the airline operates with the best on-time performance in the industry for the third year in a row.  87% of Alaska Airlines flights land on time, according to FlightStats.  According to news reports, flying in Alaska is remarkably reliable, even in the dead of winter when there are are just 2 hours of daylight, slippery runways and cross winds of up to 50 miles an hour.

The air carrier was the first to develop satellite guidance, a navigation system that has transformed landing at the difficult and remote airports in the enormous state to the North.  This system is at the heart of the Federal Aviation Administration;s plan to modernize the nation’s air traffic system.  The Federal Government’s NextGen program aims to expand the use of satellite guidance, which is now used at Kennedy International Airport in New York, which Herndon airport injury lawyer Doug Landau uses to fly internationally.  The NextGen program is aimed at helping American airports run smoother and reduce delays.  NextGen is tasked with getting airplanes off the runway faster without having to wait in long lines. Landau notes that the Federal Government’s investment in NextGen will help with both the in-air and on the ground airport coordination of flights so as to promote safety, efficiency and profitability of U.S. Airlines.

Airport Injury Lawyer Doug Landau Urges Virginia to Fill Fairfax Judge Vacancies

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has proposed funding for only 15 of 44 vacant judgeships statewide.  Fairfax, currently down four judges, is not on the list to receive any new judges.

On numerous occasions, Airport Accident Attorney Doug Landau has arrived at the Fairfax Circuit Court with his clients — many of whom are injured airline employees or victims of airport accidents —  only to learn that there were not enough judges on that day !   But since we at ABRAMS LANDAU typically invest the time, effort and money to have our treating doctor’s deposition videotaped, we were asked to come back on another day !

As far as Landau is concerned, “Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied.”

Fairfax is not on the list for funding for judicial slots due largely to the way caseload is measured:

  • Fairfax considers a criminal case as one case, no matter how many charges are brought against the defendant, while most other jurisdictions treat each charge separately; and
  • Civil cases, which are much more common and more complex in Fairfax, are not considered in the measurement.  These cases require considerable more judicial resources than criminal cases.

If these errors in calculation are corrected Continue reading

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Removing Body Scanners

Airline travel safety is paramount, and while airport travelers dislike long lines at TSA inspection areas, there have been no hijackings – or resulting deaths – on American airlines since the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  This begs the question: is the hassle of enhanced security measures a reasonable price to pay for safety?

Herndon airport injury lawyer Doug Landau thinks it is.

Doug and his firm, ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., represented several families of airline employees whose lives were taken on 9/11.  It is not surprising, then, that the firm is especially sensitive to the issues surrounding airport security measures.  Last month, TSA announced it would be removing full-body x-ray scanners from certain airports and replacing them with machines that emit less radiation and produce cartoon-like outlines as opposed to the “naked images” that passengers and privacy advocacy groups decried.  TSA says the switch is also being made to relieve long lines.

But should decisions about air travel safety measures be influenced by citizens’ demands for shorter lines?  What do you think?

If you or someone you know has been injured or disabled as a result of an accident at an airport or involving an airplane and there are questions as to what laws apply, email or call us at ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. (703-796-9555).

Where Must Foreign and Domestic Cruise Ship or Air Travel Lawsuits be Filed ?

While most Dulles Airport accident cases filed by ABRAMS LANDAU have been set in the Circuit Court of Loudoun County, Virginia, the Leesburg courthouse is not the only venue for Norther Virginia AIrline cases to be heard
While most Dulles Airport accident cases filed by ABRAMS LANDAU have been set in the Circuit Court of Loudoun County, Virginia, the Leesburg courthouse is not the only venue for Northern Virginia Airline or airport injury cases to be heard by a jury.

In light of the Costa Concordia cruise ship disaster off the coast of Italy, travelers are learning that they are limited as to where they may file a lawsuit to get reimbursement for their losses. Because of the fine print on the cruise’s tickets, the injured passengers’ lawsuits must be filed in Italy. For a Costa cruise that touches any part of the U.S., the ticket contract says the lawsuits should be filed in Federal Court in South Florida. The same is true for Carnival Cruise Lines, which owns Costa, and many other major cruise lines. But for cruises that travel only outside of the United States, the ticket usually mandates that any claims be brought where the foreign shipping company’s base of operations or corporate headquarters are located. These “choice of forum” clauses in the cruise line industry are not as common in other forms of travel, according to yesterday’s article in Lawyers Weekly.

Lawsuits against airlines can be brought almost anywhere the air carrier does business for domestic flights. For injuries in international flights, lawsuits can generally be brought in the airlines home location or where the flight departed, among other venues. According to Doug Landau of the Herndon law firm ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., the injured air traveler may have several choices when it comes to where to bring the claim. Lawyer Landau notes that the negligent defendant, whether airline, bus company or other “common carrier,” can generally be sued where they “live” (i.e., their headquarters or main Continue reading

Virginia Workers Compensation Airport Fatality Claims Limited

Fatal accidents Virginia airports involving airline employees workers comp benefits Herndon fatality lawyer Doug Landau payments limited amount duration
Fatal accidents at Virginia airports or involving airline employees can result in workers comp benefits, but Herndon Dulles area fatality lawyer Doug Landau notes that these insurance payments are limited in amount and duration

Misconceptions about what benefits are available to the families of airport and airline employees after a fatal accident necessitate some of the most difficult conversations Dulles area attorney Doug Landau has at the Herndon law firm ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd.. These are the most serious cases, yet the benefits, under Virginia workers comp law, are limited. Whether our client was killed in the construction of the Dulles International Airport expansion or in the air in the 9/11 disaster, the benefits for their grieving families are shockingly small. In fact, the do not even last 10 years.

Under the Virginia Code, section 65.2-512, compensation to dependents of an employee killed in an on the job, compensable accident includes: burial Continue reading