“Compensable Consequences” Of An On The Job Accident Are Not Always Covered (part 1 of 2)

the treatment and medications required for the clot. The Airline and it Insurance Company Defense Lawyers appealed the case, but they still lost and were ordered to pay for the “compensable consequence” of the on-the-job airport injury, as reported previously.

However, if there is a complication caused by the complication it may not be covered any more.  The workers comp team at the Herndon law firm ABRAMS LANDAU, had won a case for a United Airlines employee who injured her right leg, then twisted her right ankle because of the weakened joint (a “compensable consequence”).  Then favoring her right side, her left knee gave out and Landau won the case after a Hearing, for this “compensable consequence of a compensable consequence.” However, the Virginia Supreme Court has ruled since that such conditions will no longer be covered under the Virginia Workers Compensation Act.  In tomorrow’s post experienced workplace injury lawyer Landau will explore this area of comp law.