Bike Insurance for Cyclists and Their Bicycles

Doug Landau and Jay Paul
Experienced Richmond-area insurance agent Jay Paul, pictured with attorney Doug Landau, can help bicyclists and other athletes secure adequate insurance to protect their expensive equipment as well as themselves from risks associated with cycling, racing, transporting equipment, etc.

When you spend $5,000 to take part in an Ironman or other endurance sports competition, the last thing in the world you want to happen is your bike to get lost, stolen, or crushed. You also do not want to be fighting with your insurance company because the Airline Agent (with no bike racing experience) cannot believe anyone would pay more than $500 for the right bicycle!

Experienced Herndon bicyclist and lawyer Doug Landau receives inquiries each year from frustrated bike racers, triathletes, and bicycle tourists.

So what can a conscientious bicycle rider do, when he or she owns an expensive bicycle with costly components, attachments, and gear?

To find the answer to this pressing question, lawyer Landau went to Richmond to meet with Jay Paul, an experienced insurance broker and multisport athlete himself.  Jay Paul has completed triathlons, Xterra races, running events. Jay is also on the board of the Richmond Sports Backers.

His company has a number of special insurance products that are just perfect for Ironman athletes, cycle tourists, bike racers, or shorter distance triathletes who have invested a lot of time, effort, and money in making their bike – and themselves – the best they can be.  Coverage for trip insurance, the bicycle itself, the athlete, and even those situations where a bicycle crash is the fault of no one but the rider, are all products Jay is capable of explaining and providing.  For an athlete who travels to international races or competes in several major events each season, these insurance products make sense as an investment to protect their equipment and peace of mind.

Landau explains, “One of the things I like about Jay Paul is that he is located here in Virginia, and actually “walks the walk” and “talks the talk”.  He understands the needs, concerns, and liabilities of cyclists. It is a good fit for the needs of so many of my clients, fellow athletes, and callers.”

For more information about Jay Paul and the products available, click here.

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