Historic New Orleans Athletic Club visit

a recent business trip.  Landau, of the Herndon law firm ABRAMS LANDAU, had ben invited to Louisiana to teach and learn from some of the best disability and Social Security lawyers in the country by the American Association for Justice (“AAJ”).

First, this club was founded in 1872, when dues were fixed at 50 cents monthly. A 35 cent assessment was levied for a bucket of water and dipper when the occasion demanded it.  The Club had a Constitution (that had a requirement for “gentlemanly deportment”) and a vision. According to the NOAC’s web site:

The object was to develop the body by sufficient gymnastic exercise including fencing and boxing. The Club adopted as its motto, Mens Sana in Corpore Sano (a healthy mind will exist in a healthy body). Over the years, the NOAC has experienced major operational and infrastructure modifications with the concept of blending the Club’s congeniality, serenity and architectural significance with its advancement to the forefront of fitness, health, athletics and nutrition. “Strong men and women must oft-time find an outlet for their superfluous energy. In this manner the athletic club offers many interesting health activities.

Maintaining that tradition has become the responsibility of the past two centuries of membership and continues into the 21st century. Landau notes that there is a museum of exercise equipment, many floors with nooks and crannies of machines and exercise space; Mrs. Landau even took a bicycle spin class on the roof !  If you are in New Orleans and want to step back in history, check out the New Orleans Athletic Club.

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