Kindred Soul Races Washington, DC Nations Triathlon on RENTED Bike !

blood cancer. According to the Fairfax Times article, the rented bike weighed “more than twice as much as most racing bikes.”  Furthermore, taking a page out of my playbook, this intrepid Virginia triathlete rung his bicycle’s bell along the way !  The Olympic distance course took Smith more than four hours, but he passed some cyclists who had flat tires and received cheers of thrilled spectators along the way.  Kudos to the D.C. Department of Transportation, which refunded the athlete’s Bikeshare rental fees ($101.00) the next day.  The only race I can recall where there was a “rental division,” was the Huntington Disease Race on Key Biscayne.  In conjunction with the USAT Sprint Triathlon National Championships, I seem to recall that there was a “Fat Tire Rental” division, and plenty of “Beach Cruiser” you could rent at the host hotel.  However, my bride opted for a “real” racing bike, and the Race Director loaned my wife her own bicycle !  I think triathletes and triathlon race directors put new spin on being cool.

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