Women Safely and Stylishly Commuting on Bicycles

women are very safely conscious which can discourage them from biking.

Cities realizing that any bikers, man or woman, feeling unsecured while biking will find other transportation which will clog up roads and create more pollution. Fortunately cities are working to expand their bike friendly infrastructure by building bike only lanes, and it seems to be working too as in 2000 there where only 2,446 women cyclist in NYC but grew to 5,683 in 2009.

The other reason fashionistas are struggling with the idea cycling is the lack of glamour. Seeing as stilettos and pencils-skirts make impractical bike wear coupled with the sweat of a bike ride it is hard being a savvy looking city gal on a bike. Though as more bike shops like Julie Hirchfed carry fashionable bike wear women can feel safe and still look good.

If you know some one who has been injured while riding a bicycle or has a question about cyclist safety please contact us at The Herndon Law Shop or give us a call at 703- 796-9555.

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