See the Capital, National Mall & Arlington Virginia safely by bike !

On Sunday, May 22, join fellow cyclist’s Virginia and Maryland bikers for Bike DC, Washington and Arlington’s extraordinary community bike ride. Enjoy 20 miles of biking around the Nation’s Capital with your family and friends on car-free streets, highways and parkways. The ride begins on the National Mall in front of the U. S. Capital. Bike up Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House and cross the Potomac River into Virginia on the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge and Interstate 66. Yes, the freeway will be bicycles only for Bike DC ! You won’t have to worry about HOV or Slugs !

Enjoy the views of Washington and Georgetown from the George Washington Memorial Parkway. Pedal your bike past some of the Nation’s most treasured sites: the Marine Corps Memorial, Arlington Cemetery, the Pentagon and the Air Force Memorial. Cross the Potomac River again to reach the finish line back in Washington, DC. And don’t forget to bring your camera; you may gat pictures that you will want to show your friends and family. We are truly lucky toy live in such a scenic, unpolluted area. Make the most of the day and enjoy the sights, exercise and your fellow two-wheeled travelers.

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