Goggles can prevent athletic eye injuries

Having received stitches in my brow as the result of a self-inflicted racketball injury, I recognize the importance of proper eye protection in sports. A recent news story, Athletes aren’t gaga for goggles interviewed coaches, high school athletes and administrators about mandatory eye protection. According the safety organization Prevent Blindness in America, which my late father Norman Landau supported for many years, 40,000 sports-related eye injuries occur each year, and 90 percent of them could be prevented with the use of appropriate protective eyewear. The American Academy of Ophthalmology lists field hockey as a high-risk sport for eye injury, but baseball, basketball and racquet sports are considered the most at-risk for eye injuries. Protect the athletes in your family; make sure that properly fitting goggles and face masks are used when there is a likelihood of ocular injury.

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