Leader of the Pack, Lawyer Landau rides with the groom

hikes, running groups, yoga classes, water skiing and other sporting events. Ten hardy cyclists showed up to ride, including the groom, the best man and others from the wedding party. The groom, in addition to being an award-winning rower, is an accomplished biker, as were his friends and family members from the United Kingdom. Landau had taken him on a short tour of the W&OD bike trail, and they had even had a bike crash out in Loudoun County ! Luckily, their bicycle accident did not result in any serious injuries or a cancellation of the wedding ! On the wedding morning ride, the British bikers bolted out of the barn area at 25 mph, without so much as a thought about “warming up.” It was all Landau could to to hang on for dear life.

After dropping most of the “Yanks” during the first hour, it was decided during a welcome rest stop that they would tack on a lap around Brant Lake so as to finish the same time the brunch started. It was hoped that the cyclists could then “crash” the party in high style (and their festive biking gear !). At the very last turn, there was a bit of traffic, a truck, and the polite English riders stopped to let the vehicles pass. Landau saw an opportunity, gunned it with all he had left, and raced for the finish at the barn, 3 miles down the road. The stunned Brits let out a yell about “that cheeky bast–rd !” and took off in hot pursuit. Never looking back, Landau neared the finish with a big grin, only to have the English bikers go by him in formation. They had been drafting as sonar they caught him, and simply waited until the barn was in sight, much to the delight of the spectators who had come from all over the world. The wedding went off without a hitch, and it is likely that there will be many more rides (and stories of exploits and near exploits) in the future.

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