Driver convicted of hitting Easter Bunny and leaving the scene

Franklin Farms bike crash lawyer Doug Landau advocates wearing bright colors when cycling, and often dons fluorescent yellow, orange and green bike gear when biking. But even the TriathlonTrialLawyer was surprised to read the news story in this month’s TRIAL magazine about a driver who was found guilty in Oregon of “Hit and run” as well as “leaving the scene” of an accident. According to the case report, the Defendant driver hit a pedicab operator. The pedicab driver was 6-feet-tall and wearing an orange bunny suit for Easter ! Furthermore, the innocent victim’s pedicab had reflectors and blinking red light. The pedicab driver noted, “I was very visible.” Evidence tends to suggest that the Defendant driver could have also been charged with “failure to pay full time and attention” to their driver when they hit this six-foot-tall orange bicycling Easter Bunny !

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