Gloves: basic biker protection

Even Greek boxers knew the importance of hand, wrist and palm protection
Even Greek boxers knew the importance of hand, wrist and palm protection, even if they were otherwise unprotected

Just as these ancient Greek boxers sought protection for their hands from cuts, fractures and dislocations, bicycling gloves can help protect cyclists’ fingers and palms from “road rash,” lacerations and slipping off the brakes or handlebars. Triathlon Trial Lawyer Doug Landau often wears bike gloves when it is cold, humid or wet outside for safety, not fashion. The experienced triathlete lawyer eschews gloves indoors when spinning, CompuTrainer or recumbent cycling. In crashes, when thrown from his bike, Landau notes that with gloves, his hands avoid road rash as well as embedded orated grit, glass and infection-causing debris. Furthermore, when he gets back on his bicycle, he is able to grip his handlebars and brakes without pain. Without multiple abrasions on his palms, fingers and wrists, Landau is able to avoid pressing germs from his handlebar tape into the wound sites. The W&OD Trail cyclist recommends that in addition to always wearing your helmet for head and brain injury protection, that you consider wearing cycling gloves, even during warm weather rides. Bikers need full use of their hands to safely cycle the roads, paths and race courses of Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

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