Field Marshalls help reign in out of control parents

Volunteer field marshall Mike Mogollon and Doug Landau at a Florida youth soccer tournament
Volunteer field marshall Mike Mogollon and Doug Landau at a Broward County Florida youth soccer tournament

Having served as a field marshall in soccer tournaments, sports injury lawyer Doug Landau knows how important a function this is to keep order on and off the field. With players and parents showing less respect for referees. coaches and the Codes of Good Sportsmanship, field marshals can ensure safe playing conditions and quell disputes off the field so that the games can go on. In the Virginia, Maryland and DC metro area soccer leagues, there are often teenage soccer referees and linemen/women. When an irate adult parent, coach or trainer “gets in their face,” as has happened to my own son, things can get ugly if there is not an adult in charge of the field and tournament safety. When field marshals are alert for unsafe conditions and actions by spectators, coaching staff or players, they can help provide an insulating barrier to violence and injury on and off the field. The next time you are at a youth soccer tournament, thank the field marshals as well as the scoring volunteers, refs, linesmen and women.

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