Healthy nutrition keeps triathletes and trial lawyers strong

Doug & Denis at the Herndon (Eldon Street) RobeksFor a quick meal on the go, Herndon trial lawyer Doug Landau, like Reston attorney Bob Nicoli, will often stop at Robeks for a healthy smoothie, wrap or salad. Since the smoothies are made to order, they are fresh and contain only those ingredients you select. After a particularly long or intense workout, or when recuperating from an injury, sports accident lawyer Landau will get a protein blend so that repair to damaged tissues can begin immediately with the necessary amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Winning races is not easy. It takes focused training, regular rest and diet discipline, especially during the holiday season from Thanksgiving to New Years. TriathlonTrialLawyer Doug Landau points out, “What we eat, how much rest we get and how hard we train are all important parts of the fitness equation. Smart triathletes and trial lawyers get all three in balance.” So the next time you need a quick meal, skip “Mickey D’s” and the “BK lounge” and instead try a healthier alternative like Robeks.

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