Golfing to celebrate the end of summer – but be careful, errant golf balls can be deadly

Keep a safe distance behind a golfer, as golf balls can be deadly
Keep a safe distance behind a golfer, as golf balls can be deadly

After participating in a fun “End of Summer” party at which there was a “Closest to the Pin” golf ball hitting contest Herndon Reston area sports injury attorney Doug Landau came across an article about a woman who died after being struck on the head by a golf ball while playing a practice match. While the sports accident lawyer had himself been hit with a golf ball and read cases of lawsuit from balls striking players, Landau had not heard of a golfer dying from a head injury on the course. The Times reported that after receiving emergency treatment at the scene, she was airlifted to the Hospital where she died the next day.

Closer to home, The Virginian-Pilot reported that a woman who was felled by a ball while watching her boyfriend play golf in the summer of 2006 sued the Golf Course for $1 million. The New Jersey plaintiff was hit in the left temple and eye by a stray golf ball and seriously injured, according to the lawsuit filed in federal court. Negligent design of the golf course was the cause of her eye and head injury, according to the lawsuit papers.

Herndon Reston area sports injury and accident lawyer Doug Landau recommends not hitting golf balls when there are people in front or on the sides of the tee. The ABRAM LANDAU law firm has successfuly represented injured golfers who are the victims of others’ negligence. In one case, Landau helped a teaching golf professional after he broke his arm when his golf cart crashed ! If you, or someone you know, has been hurt in a golf accident, please consider giving the ABRAMS LANDAU law firm a call at 703-796-9555.

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