Reston Virginia Brain Aneurysm Race benefits Brain Aneurysm Foundation and the Washington Regional Transplant Community

straining, lifting or a “val salva” like maneuver.

Brain Aneurysm Foundation’s MISSION:

To provide support and educational materials to the medical community, the newly diagnosed, survivors, family members, friends and the general public regarding the facts, treatment options, and recovery process for brain aneurysms. With the help of the medical community, remain steadfast and earnest in the pursuit of brain aneurysm research that can directly benefit those affected.

• Raising public awareness about brain aneurysms through the dissemination of educational literature geared to topics surrounding this medical condition.

• Easing the recovery process for survivors and families through support groups, the website, and the Foundation’s continued presence.

• Assisting medical professionals, health institutions, and other individuals to set up local chapters and support groups around the country.

• Raising money for the Foundation to expand the educational library, coordinate symposiums, enhance support groups, and provide money for research.

To learn more about BAF and to help support its mission please click the Susco 8K link

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