Team in Training Coach Steve Shulman returns to DC Nations Triathlon

he joined the run team the next year and completed the San Diego marathon.

Steve wrote: “It was the following year that the TNT triathlon team was created. Having been a triathlete since 1989, the match fit perfectly for me. I managed to raise money every year for the next 5 years and traveled everywhere. I was graciously invited to be a coach in 2006. I can honestly say this organization has changed my life. In a busy world of work and little play you can get detached from your community. TNT has given me an opportunity to touch the lives of both very sick people and healthy people who want to make a difference. The magic of watching a relative novice become a triathlete is rewarding and our community is an extended family. Having found a different patient hero every year also opened up my eyes to a world of sickness I was unfamiliar with. The motto I impart on my athletes is to take your time improving your fitness with the simple goal of getting to the starting line in the best possible shape you can. Leave the rest to your teammates you will most assuredly get you across the finish line. Most of all, I believe we all need to keep training, racing and raising money until every last patient is cured.”

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