French President Collapses

Not all of us have a safety net of security guards who run with us when we take an afternoon jog. The three protective running buddies are just one perk of being the president of France. But recently the guards were called into action due to health scare stemming from the Presidents’ afternoon run.


NBC reported on the story:

“A few weeks ago French President Nicolas Sarkozy collapsed suddenly while jogging on the lush grounds of the Chateau of Versailles, then was rushed by helicopter to a military hospital where he remained overnight, his office said.

Military doctors quickly performed a battery of tests on the 54-year-old president who is known for his hyperactivity. The Elysee Palace said Sarkozy’s test results were normal but that doctors would keep him under cardiological observation.

His office denied that Sarkozy had lost consciousness in the episode. The Elysee Palace statement followed reports from members of Sarkozy’s government and his chief of staff who had indicated that Sarkozy had lost consciousness.”

Luckily, the surrounding guards assisted in getting the President to safety. But those of us who do not have a security team should remember to be safe about our exercise adventures. We need to have a form of identification, and if a cell phone is too bulky, at least a dollar in change on us when we run, bike, rollerblade, and push our bodies to the limit. If you see someone take a fall or collapse during the “dog days of summer,” call for help immediately. Precious seconds can make all the difference.

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