Leesburg bike crash lawyer Doug Landau is asked, "What kinds of expert witnesses are needed for a traumatic motorcycle crash injury case ?"

leg injuries resulting in an above-the-knee amputation. Surgery for subsequent stump revision was also required. An Army veteran, he was in excellent health and extremely active prior to the crash. He suffers from intermittent phantom pain and depression.

The wife and passenger, age 47, suffered a complex laceration of her lower left leg across the knee cap down to the lower leg, a fractured clavicle, a fractured great toe and a tendon injury to her knee requiring subsequent surgery months after the crash. She suffers from significant lost mobility, pain and anxiety.

The plaintiffs had been married for just over one year at the time of the crash. Trial was scheduled for the fall of 2008 in the Spotsylvania Virginia Circuit Court and the case settled subsequent to a mediation. The cyclists’ settlement amounts were: $5,000,000 ($4,500,000 for husband and $500,000 for wife). Special Damages: Husband (driver) – $116,265.14 in past medical bills, $737,472.16 future medical bills and $369,550.59 in past and future wage loss; wife (passenger) – $64,815.87 in past medical bills, $25,116.25 in future medical bills and $10,316.80 in past wage loss. This excellent result was achieved by our friends Stephanie Grana and Irv Cantor or Richmond.

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