Doug Landau wins reckless driving case for McLean High School Athlete in arrested in Front Royal, Virginia

traffic infractions. In this case, the speed calibration was off by almost 10%; the Defendant completed the Virginia Safe Driving course; the young driver had no prior tickets or other criminal offenses; and, Doug Landau introduced this superb student’s entire high school transcript in order to show her exemplary record. The Court was so impressed with all that she had done, that instead of reducing the charges to “speeding 1-9 mph” over the speed limit or “improper driving,” the charges were suspended for 6 months, pending her good behavior (i.e., no tickets or arrests for crimes), and dismissal. Landau is shown here in front of the Courthouse immediately after the favorable decision was rendered and his client (and her relieved father) left to return home to Fairfax County !

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