Fairfax and Loudoun County Virginia jogger injury lawyer Doug Landau emphasizes the importance of safe gear for runners, walkers, cyclists and roller bladers

Wearing bright, reflective gear, Doug Landau & Fairfax County Virginia Circuit Court Judge Stan Klein after the VTLA runDaylight Savings time means it’s lighter later in the morning. For “early bird” exercisers, that means that you should be wearing reflective, bright colored clothing so that you can be seen. You have seen me in my orange, yellow and other brightly colored garb. I practice what I preach.

I also try to wear my iPod when running on the track, turf field or spin class – NOT near the heavy traffic on the roads of Fairfax County and Loudoun County. Some Northern Virginia drivers seem to have little patience or courtesy when it comes to those of us who try to stay healthy through regular exercise. The DC Metro area roads and highways require extra vigilance on the part of runners, walkers, bikers, roller bladers, skate boarders, joggers, skaters, and wheelchair athletes.

Make sure that you see and can be seen. Look, listen and use all of your senses to avoid an accident and injury. In most every crash between a car or truck and a jogger or cyclist, the motor vehicle “wins.” Don’t lose valuable training time, your good health or time from your work and loved ones. Stay alert, dress so you can be seen, cross intersections carefully, use the cross walks and be aware. We want to see you on the trails, bike paths, roadways and races, NOT in our waiting room !

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