Company Softball Game leads to Compensation Award for ABRAMS LANDAU client

The last thing Herndon and Reston injury and disability lawyer Doug Landau’s client thought she would be doing after work would be playing first base ! This “50-ish” assistant bank manager was “recruited” at the last minute by the other employees who played for the company team, as the league required a minimum number of females on the field. Her younger co-workers did not want to forfeit, and so with promises of an “easy position,” they put this grandma at first base that evening.

Their opponents that night had a number of skilled players who had recently graduated from college and were very serious about their sports. So, when a young man attempted to beat out a grounder to the shortstop, he bowled the assistant bank manager over. Disabled from work, the injured employee came to ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., with mounting medical bills and a denial from the insurance company. TheAthletesLawyer was able to win her case, getting her much-needed medical treatment as well as a portion of her wage loss and out of pocket expenses. Landau was able to show the Deputy Commissioner that the claimant was engaged in an employment-related recreational activity when she was injured.

Not every sports related injury with co-workers results in a compensation Award by the Workers Compensation Commission, as you will see from tomorrow’s post, but these kinds of cases are very fact specific and require an experienced workers comp practitioner to present them effectively. If you or a co-worker are injured in a work-related sports or recreational activity, call us at ABRAMS LANDAU (703-796-9555) today. Just like in sports, you do not want to find out that you are too late because the clock has run out.

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