According to Virginia Sports Injury Lawyer Doug Landau, "Everything Spicey is Nicey" – except right before a race !

DSCF3682.JPG“Variety is the spice of life,” and a little spice can really add some zest to a meal, however, too often I have seen athletes try something new or spicey right before a major competition, only to regret it later. “Go with what you know” when it comes to pre-race nutrition and hydration. Do not experiment on the race course and expect to have a personal record. Save experimentation for training days when you know what your digestive system can and cannot handle under the stress of intense exercise.

I have been a big fan of “Generous George’s Positive Pizza Place” (where “Everything Spicey is Nicey“) for over 28 years and am delighted that they have opened a restaurant serving their signature “pastas on a pie,” We used to have our Old Town Alexandria office staff meetings at the original restaurant on Duke Street. WHile we all enjoyed their pasta on a pie, pizza and salads, I would save such scrumptious fare for AFTER the race.

Shown here after an ABRAMS LANDAU staff meeting at the new Generous George’s Positive Pizza Place in Herndon (703-793-3338) are, L-R, Beatrice Vargas, Dianna Meredith, Lauren Holtzman and Doug Landau.

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