Triathlon Trial Lawyer Doug Landau runs through the winter snow thanks to the merger of Newton and Goretex technologies

While the winter weather in Virginia means an end to outdoor triathlon competition, after a “rest period” Doug Landau does his winter training, often outside. In order to “build a bigger and better engine,” the Triathlon Trial Lawyer puts in the miles, often slogging through the slush and snow. The Herndon sports injury and disability lawyer Doug Landau actually likes running on softer surfaces, but frozen toes are no fun !

Tom Cook at Potomac RIver Running Reston store.jpegDoug was delighted to find that his friends, (like Tom Cook, left) at Potomac River Running now have the new Newton wet weather running shoes. Newton merged technology with Goretex, the fabric keeps water out, but lets sweat out. These new Goretex Newtons are comfortable and are helping the Herndon Sprint Triathlon Champion stay on track with his winter training regimen. It is wonderful when two technologies come together. These shoes are not available at most sporting goods shops, but the Potomac River Running stores have these technically advanced shoes and knowledgeable that can help you achieve your winter and wet weather running goals.

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