Healthy cooking and eating for the winter holidays

Many of my friends tend to gain weight in the winter. They race less. They do not worry how they look in a bathing suit. And they eat more when they are cold. Here are some half dozen strategies I plan on following so that I can be in top form next year:

  1. Eat a healthy breakfast,
  2. Pack healthy, smaller meals and snacks to take to work,
  3. More hot soups, cereals and oatmeal – they keep you warm, and when your core temperature is up, you tend to eat less. Conversely, when you are cold, you tend to eat more.
  4. Drink more water. Dry winter air can dehydrate you. Rather than the empty calories of soda, warm herbal teas, water and low-salt boullion for me !
  5. STOP EATING after 9:00 p.m. Do not go to bed “stuffed” and uncomfortable. This just makes for fat production and makes for less restful sleep.
  6. Get a full night’s sleep. OK, this is not a “diet” stratagem per se. However, the less I sleep, the more I eat. And, while I am sleeping, my body uses the good nutrition I have taken in all day to repair the damage caused by intense training. Napping helps too.

[TriathlonTrialLawyer Doug Landau getting a cooking lesson from top Richmond area Chef Tim Clinton. They are preparing egg white and Challah french toast and vegetables cooked in olive oil breakfast prior to a long spin class cycling workout]

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