Triathlon Trial Lawyer Doug Landau volunteers at Reston triathlon – where bicycle helmet safety is required.

Doug Landau at the Reston Triathlon Pre-race helmet inspectionShown here is Doug Landau inspecting a bicycle helmet of one of the competitors in the Reston Triathlon. In order to compete, every racer must bring their helmet to preregistration for inspection. The helmets are checked for cracks, evidence of bike crashes, trauma, and potential injury causing sharp pieces or frayed straps that would not protect the wearer’s head from head injury or traumatic brain injury. The bike helmets are then specially marked for use the next day in this immensely popular D. C,. area multisport event. If your helmet has been involved in a crash or other accident causing impact, remember: most helmets are only designed to absorb one impact. So have your helmet checked if it has been damaged or involved in an accident. Otherwise you are risking more serious head injury or brain trauma if you are unlucky enough to be involved in a subsequent accident.

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