Philadelphia Road Runners Club take Landaus to the Art Museum, "Rocky Steps" and Boat House Tour

Doug Landau and Dr. Susan Rheingold and her son Finn on the Philadelphia river running pathWhile in “the City of Brotherly love” for the AAJ Convention, my wife and I were able to do some touring on foot. We went from a reception in one of the boat houses to meet up with the Philly Road Runners Club for their weekly Tuesday night runs. These all level runs start at the famous “Rocky steps” of the Art Museum and proceed along the river with different sub-groups going at varying paces. After running with some fleet-footed Temple Law students, we jogged back to the boathouse where we had left our clothes. I bumped into a friend jogging with her infant son along the same path. Dr. Susan Rheingold and I have known each other since we were kids, and we have also participated in such races as the Columbia Triathlon together as well. As I always say, “it’s a small world after all !”

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