Healthy eating for success in the court AND on the court !

Athletes typically eat healthy diets, as they understand the need for food as fuel, raw materials for repair after hard workouts and nutrients. However, these same athletes often forget their good habits when getting ready for, and going to, court. Triathlon Trial Lawyer at the Red Rooster in Brewster, New York Shown here are Doug Landau and his youngest daughter at the famous Red Rooster, in Brewster, New York. While the Red Rooster’s fried chicken, “criss-cross fries” and dipped cones are wonderful, a stop at this venerable, one-of-a-kind restaurant is a “once in a while” treat. For court cases, Landau prefers that clients plot out their nutrition and medication needs in advance and stick to a healthy diet. He also prefers that they not try anything new the day they go to court.

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