Athletes should have regular dental examinations to check for injury, infection or unusual tooth wear.

Believe it or not, sports competition, even in non-contact endurance sports, can result in dental injury according to TriathlonTrialLawyer Doug Landau. Having been in bike crashes and had head injuries himself, this Virginia trial lawyer knows the importance of prompt medical attention after an accident when competing or training.

Dr. Gary Greenspan, D.D.S. & Triathlon Trial Lawyer Doug Landau Shown here are Dr. Gary Greenspan, an excellent Fair Oaks area dentist, basketball player (and Dodger fantasy camp alum !) and Herndon injury lawyer Doug Landau. While Landau has been lucky in avoiding serious head, brain and dental injury, he has represented clients with significant dental work, disfigurement, plastic surgery, tooth loss, concussions and permanent brain damage from accidents. The severity of a dental injury (fractured, displaced, chipped or avulsed tooth) may not be immediately apparent. Often dental injuries are associated with other head and neck injuries from bike crashes and falls, such as fractured facial bones, concussions, abrasions, bruises, soft tissue lacerations with bleeding, and jaw-joint problems. Thus, the injured athlete should be assessed immediately, if not sooner, for medical complications, including his/her ability to spontaneously maintain an airway, poor control of bleeding, shock, broken bones, and neurological impairment. Delay often complicates later medical and dental treatment.

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