Pro Golfer thrown out of cart at Maryland National and breaks arm

that neither the starter nor the employees on the course had warned them of the ongoing construction or dangers. The injured athlete was a guest at Maryland National Golf Course. He had just finished playing the 13th hole with his group. The plaintiff golf pro and the driver got into the golf cart that they had been using, preparing to travel to the next hole. As his friend steered the cart down the hill towards the next tee, the cart began to slide.Our client felt the cart lurch forward and it flipped over the hill. During his fall, the plaintiff placed his arms out to brace himself. As he contacted the ground, he fractured his left arm. Emergency personnel arrived to transport him to Washington County Hospital Emergency Room. As the ambulance traversed the course, the construction personnel who were still on site approached. They asked what had happened and relayed to our client and his companions that the area was to have been blocked off from cart access; traffic for carts was supposed to have been diverted from the dangerous torn up ground.The injured athletes lawyer Doug Landau brought a Negligence case against four Defendants. The Herndon injury lawyer felt that all four had contributed to the dangerous condition and his injured client’s losses. On behalf of the injured athlete, lawyer Doug Landau named the Paving Company, the Golf Course, the Construction Company, and the General Contractor as parties to the lawsuit for personal injuries. This negligence case for the injured athlete was based upon the failure to warn of the newly paved cart paths, the lack of signs, signals and/or verbal instruction. The plaintiff was treated by an Orthopedic surgeon when he returned home to Virginia.Pins were placed in Virginia Trial Lawyer Doug Landau’s client’s left arm, which had a fracture of the distal radius. The golf pro’s injury was slow to heal. The injured athlete was advised by his Board Certified Orthopedic surgeon that his wrist injury was permanent. The former teaching pro has returned to playing golf. Settlement on behalf of the injured golfer was reached against the golf course, the construction compay and general contractor. ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. in Herndon, Virginia associated with the Law Offices of Ken Annis in achieving a favorable result for this injured older athlete, who now lives in the MidWest.

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