Loudoun County Car and Bicycle crash (part 1)

On a warm August morning, a young motorist struck not one, but two cyclists traveling in a group of three in Loudoun County, Virginia. The three experienced Reston Bicycle riders were heading West on that part of Route 50 where it narrows to only one lane in each direction. The peloton had hoped to go to Paris, Virginia, take in the amazing view and then head back on the W&OD Trail in Purcellville. The pelotonCt peloton_1.jpg never made it to Paris.

The third, trailing cyclist was “clipped.” He had a laceration on his hand and the defendant driver’s side mirror. The second biker of the trio was not so lucky. He was 3-5 bike lengths ahead, heard angry honking behind and was riding to the far right, so that the cars could pass. An SUV passed him safely as he pedalled 12 MPH uphill. The Reston biker was sideswiped and knocked unconscious. When he came to, his ankle was broken. Both bloodied, injured riders were taken by ambulance to the local hospital in Leesburrg. Herndon lawyer Doug Landau’s client was operated on succesfully by a member of the skilled Town Center Orthopedic Group.

Where was the defendant driver going in such a hurry that early Sunday morning ? How would Herndon Lawyer Doug Landau defeat the driver’s claim that she did not make contact with the bicyclist, but instead he fell off his bike on the soft shoulder of the road ! The riders never saw what hit them. What actions would the Triathlon Trial Lawyer take to defeat the defendant driver ‘s uncontradicted statements ? See tomorrow’s post for the answers…

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