Mediation in a bike crash case, how Triathlon Trial Lawyer Doug Landau recovered for lost Sabattical wages

What happens after a lawsuit is filed and after discovery is completed ? In many jurisdictions, the Courts want the injured cyclist and the Defendant drivers to settle their personal injury cases before trial. In an effort to promote fair, timely resolution of brain injury and head trauma bike crash cases, the Courts will refer injured cyclists’ cases to “Alternate Dispute Resolution.” This can take the form of: Arbitration, Mediation or Early Neutral Evaluation.

The injured Virginia bicycle tourist’s bike crash case was referred to Mediation in North Carolina. The trial team at Abrams Landau, Ltd. treats mediation of bike crash, head concussion injury and brain trauma cases like trial, preparing exhibits, evidence and testimony in order to get the best result for their injured cyclist clients. The “Special Damages” in the case were:

Wage loss:: $32,385.09

Medical bills: $25,601.11

Doug Landau flew to North Carolina with his client and presented the case at Mediation. The Athletes Lawyer explained that his client had to work 7 years in order to earn the Sabbatical. The injured cyclist’s lawyer Dog Landau further told the Court that this bicycle tour was the culmination of a life dream for the bicycle riding professor.

The Triathlon Trial Lawyer pointed out that to his client (and many others) the time spent AWAY from work may be more precious that the time spent at work. While this Abrams Landau client had made excellent progress from his closed head injury, brain trauma and herniated cervical disc, he still had residual pain, for which compensation was also sought. The Court agreed with the plaintiff’s lawyers arguments, and Landau got $150,000 for the disabled cyclist. This result was all the more remarkable as the Defendant truck driver only had $25,000 in car insurance coverage. The Athletes Lawyer noted that the Abrams Landau trial team’s preparation and hard work enabled the injured cyclist to get full compensation for his injuries AND wage loss.

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