Workers Comp Draft Pamphlet Available for Comment

like the informational booklet about the Virginia Neurologically Impaired Baby Fund (which is also administered by the Workers Compensation Commission), will help disseminate information about injured workers’ rights.  “This new pamphlet also gives clear information about comp law as it relates to getting medical care,” said Landau.  “At the Landau Law Shop, we have always promoted not only our own workers comp brochures, but the official VWC pamphlets as well, which we keep in the reception area for our clients and their families”  added Virginia Trial Lawyer Landau.  “In fact, we had the official state comp brochure translated into Spanish when our offices were in the Court House in Old Town Alexandria.  We offered the translation to the State Government at no charge.  We had it checked by Justice Department counsel.  The VWCC declined, and for years the Workers Compensation  Commission struggled to explain the law to Spanish-speaking callers,” said Super comp lawyer Doug Landau.  



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