Why would ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. DECLINE a dog attack case?

In 2007, Doug Landau and the trial team at ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. declined several dog attack cases. Examples of such cases include:

Example A: A child was bitten on the cheek by a dog in the Roanoke Valley. The homeowners had specifically signed an insurance policy that forbade coverage for any dogs. Therefore, there was no insurance coverage for this attack. The Defendants had no other assets, so collecting any judgement would be difficult and expensive, if not impossible. Furthermore, there was little in the way of medical treatment, follow up and no noticeable scarring. ABRAMS LANDAU declined to pursue the case, but sent the family instructions on how to bring the case in the General District Court. This would enable the family to get a modest recovery, at little expense, faster and easier than if they filed in the Circuit Court and sought a jury verdict.

Example B: A Connecticut man was bitten by a dog on the arm. While the injury required medical care and there was a permanent scar, there was evidence that the victim had incited the dog to attack by coming on private property without permission and other actions. Furthermore, the potential client was not compliant with his medical providers and could not provide evidence of wage loss or other special damages. The claimant also had a record that would have come out during trial, which would have negatively impacted his and his witnesses’ credibility in Court. Lastly, this potential plaintiff failed to cooperate with the ABRAMS LANDAU investigation in a timely manner, and thus was advised that the Herndon Reston area dog attack law firm would not be taking his case.

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