Why aren’t you available 24/7 ?

DSCN0116.JPGThe better question might be, “Do you really want a lawyer sitting at his/her desk 24/7 ?”

It means that they do not try cases (and many lawyers NEVER GO TO COURT !).

It means they are never in mediation or arbitration in “closed door” sessions with a retired judge.

It means they never get out of the office to investigate their cases, interview witnesses or take depositions at the Defendants’ place of business or “scene of the crime.”

It means that they do no volunteer work, putting in time for the community.

It means that they have no life.

Is that really the trial lawyer you want for your case ?

At ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., we encourage clients to fax, e-mail, write and call.  Doug Landau responds as quickly as he can, but as he is often in Court, and cell phones are not permitted, able staff can frequently assist and get prompt answers.

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