Virginia’s traveling trial lawyer Landau utilizes top Coral Gables, Florida injury firm’s facilities and returns the favor to other top lawyers in Virginia.

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In order to conduct depositions, witness interviews and of state trial preparation, Herndon and Reston injury lawyer Doug Landau makes use of his network of friends and colleagues from the American Association for Justice. A member since 1981, Landau has used the facilities of AAJ law firms all over the United States. Recently, in order to get the testimony of an eyewitness to a National Airport vehicle crash, Landau traveled to Florida in order to take the deposition of one of the Defendant’s co-workers, as the witness had been transferred from Reagan National Airport to Miami International.

Doug Landau is shown here with Dean Colson on his right and Lewis “Mike” Eidson, the former ATLA/AAJ President, on his left, at their lovely, state-of-the-art COLSON HICKS offices in Coral Gables, Florida. Doug was sworn into the Florida bar at the senior partner’s home, in front of his father, Norman J. Landau and grandfather, William L. Abrams, friends and other family members. Doug’s University of Miami law school Trial Advocacy and States Attorney’s office partner Ervin Gonzalez is also an award-winning partner in the firm (and a member of multiple state bars like Landau !). Landau returns the favor by making his conference room, computer legal research tools and library available for out-of-town and out-of-state lawyers to use.

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