Virginia Workers Comp cases are no “piece of cake,” but there’s candy if you’re good

Virginia work injury lawyer Doug Landau with a client AND a piec of candy after a winning Workers Comp Hearing in Fairfax
Virginia work injury lawyer Doug Landau, his client AND a piece of candy after a winning Fairfax Workers Comp Hearing

Workers compensation claims are becoming harder and more complicated as insurance companies are resisting claims with big medical bills and medication expenses.  Not only has McLean, Greenway and Foxcroft injury lawyer Doug Landau noticed this disturbing trend, he also understands that injured workers and their families find it hard to wait for the judges’ decisions to come in the mail weeks and months after the case is heard.  After being put through the unpleasantness of the “litigation process” as insurance defense lawyers like to call it, some claimants leave the Hearing site with a bad taste in their mouths.  One nice touch in the VWCC Fairfax Northern Virginia Regional Office is the candy dish in the foyer.  Lawyer Landau tells his clients that if they are good, they may get a piece of candy.  Landau appreciates the VWCC staff for this small gesture.  If you or someone you know has a workers comp Hearing, and needs an experienced lawyer, e-mail or call us (703-796-9555) at ABRAMS LANDAU today.

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