Trying to Stop Real Life Frogger

city-trafficCrossing the street should not feel like playing a game of Frogger, but to some pedestrians that is exactly what it has turned into and often with tragic results.  The city of Chicago is tired of its citizens getting injured or killed while trying to cross the street. As a result the city has started a new plan to help out those on foot.

With 40% of the pedestrian fatalities being hit-and-runs, 50% higher than the national average, the city is looking to not only prevent but install surveillance so the offending drivers will be held accountable. Other possible improvements include countdown timers, curb bump outs, and pedestrian friendly medians.  Chicago has also started using the “leading pedestrian internal signal timings”,  which allows walkers to have an additional four seconds before the traffic light turns green.  The system was designed to allow walkers to get clear of the right side of the road before cars which were turning started.

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Source: Chicago Tribune, Monday, June 20, 2011

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