Relief On the Horizon for People with Pre-Existing Conditions!!

PCIP helping those with pre-existing conditions get insuranceOn May 31, 2011 the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced that steps were taken toward making it easier to enroll in the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP). In 18 states the premiums could drop up to 40% and eligibility will be less stringent in 23 of the states plus Washington DC.  PCIP is under the  Affordable Care Act and was created to span the gap until 2014. When at that time insurance companies cannot deny coverage due to pre-existing conditions.  This offers relief to those claimants waiting to hear if their Social Security claims are approved or those in the 24 month waiting period for Medicare cash benefits.  Both these groups and others who are pressed by major medical considerations can now consider PCIP a reasonable option for their medical expenses.

Sounds like something you are interested in? This should get you started:
To get started you will need show the administrator the following three items. To enrol you will need a letter from either a Medical Doctor, Physicians Assistant, or a Nurse Practitioner from within the last 12 months.  You must be able to prove you are either an American Citizen or a legal resident.  Lastly, you must have been without insurance for 6 months before you qualify for the program. You should know that the program is not based on income and your premiums should not be higher based solely on your pre-existing condition.

For more information please reference PCIP’s Website, and if you are in a situation where your have sustained injury and would like assistance with a legal claim, please call our Herndon Virginia Law Shop today at 703-796-9555 or e-mail us.

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